When it comes to a change in location, branch office or a personnel transfer, c + s relocation management gmbh has been supporting and assisting globally operating companies since 1987 in all questions of mobility management on a national and international level.

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Your company employs international specialists and executives or plans to do so in the future?

We create the conditions for a successful recruitment of foreign workers

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You are international workers and would like to integrate yourself professionally and privately in NRW?

  • We support you in your job search
  • We take over the qualification precheck
  • We guide you through the visa process, work and residence permits
  • We assist with housing
  • Of course, we also take care of your family

Onboarding: Attracting and retaining the right employees

In the competition for skilled workers, you can of course rely solely on top salaries and benefits – the most expensive way to persuade your employees and retain them for the long term. But even a generous relocation bonus does not relieve the new top employee of the hassle that a single-handed relocation entails. Collecting information, making decisions, thinking about and getting done a thousand little things – all this takes away the energy that is actually supposed to flow into the new task.

For the employee, his social environment plays a decisive role in the decision for his company and in his sustainable commitment. The easier it is for them and their relatives to move and the more comfortable they feel in their new environment, the more likely they are to come and stay.

We clear your employee’s mind to make a difference from day 1.

As part of a global relocation network, c + s guarantees you optimal service around the world.

Inbound or outbound:
c + s coordinates all relevant relocation processes and is available as single point of contact for all questions you may have.

Office search

Office space search, setup, and inauguration:
c + s assists in the search for suitable office space and buildings. We carry out lease agreement negotiations all the way up to signing and coordinating all requisite payments; in brief, we take care of everything from handover to furnishings for the object.

Group move

Company and department relocations:
c + s will support your HR department in all questions regarding relocation, including all aspects regarding the move as well as transactions with government agencies and, of course, the housing search.

Company apartments

Leasing and management of housing:
c + s will find locations that align with the company profile and recommend them accordingly. New and interim tenancies will be organised, inventory and repair lists will be checked, and regular cleanings will be arranged.

Intercultural training

Our network provides us with access to the most renowned trainers in this field. Our intercultural programmes are tailored to your needs, offered both in advance and at the new site.