Top professionals are not always in the area, nor are ideal jobs. In order for the right person to find the right position, a lot needs to match up. With c + s, you can be sure that the transition goes off without a hitch, right down to the smallest details.

When it comes to a change in location, branch office or a personnel transfer, c + s relocation management gmbh has been supporting and assisting globally operating companies since 1987 in all questions of mobility management on a national and international level.

c + s relocation management

The name c + s stands for competent Consulting paired with concrete Services. We therefore pursue a comprehensive approach in our capacity as assistants and consultants. This is the only way to ensure a comfortable and advantageous transfer in any relationship, both for you as a company as well as for the expatriate and their family.


From our offices in Düsseldorf, we concentrate on North Rhine-Westphalia, particularly within the metropolitan areas of Aachen, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen and Wuppertal.
Together with our national and international partners, we offer a complete “one-stop-shop” service palette in Germany as well as around the globe.

With joy and empathy and at the same time providing comprehensive services and organizational competence, we support your company, your expats and employees.

We support your expats and employees with joy and empathy while offering both comprehensive service and organisational competence.

Congratulations! You have found your employee (s).

c + s relocation management specializes in relieving employers in all relocation processes.

After a contract of employment is signed, we’ll make it easy for you: we’ll take care of all the bureaucratic work necessary before and until your new employee starts working.

So that you are legally protected we take care of:

  • the organization of the entry visa with all necessary acknowledgments
  • the application for the work permit
  • the procurement of the residence permit

The complexity of immigration is confusing and can be difficult and tricky for non-experts to do on their own. Generally employers ask us to assist with preparing and submitting the necessary applications to the various competent state authorities. With our expertise in all areas of immigration and residence law, your future employees will be able to work for you legally and promptly, which is the goal, of course.

We do the whole process at a fixed price.

The big challenges in onboarding:

In the battle for the best minds, integration into the future living environment plays an important role and is a fundamental part of the retention management of c + s. We know that after signing the contract, the actual work begins. Many influences and thoughts about the job decision can put the decision into question, especially in the time before the move. Psychologically, there is often an uncertainty that the company can and should take away from the employee.

We support your HR department with the following services:

Orientation and Pre-Transfer Information

Our programs include a tour of the new location, a general, local briefing, and an information pack. The program is based on practical experience gained over many years of collaboration with supervisors, expatriates and personnel managers.

Integration on arrival

We take over the house and apartment search, starting with an introduction to the German housing market, followed by an individual needs analysis. In the subsequent property search we work together with brokers and private providers to find the optimal object for the expatriate. c + s negotiates the lease, takes care of all object-related registrations, and monitors security and rent payments.

Accompaniment during the start of the stay

Your employee will get to know your company and work on its future tasks. We support her/him individually from A – Z with the day to day integration, provide assistance in all private matters allow the expatriate and her/his family to gain a foothold as quickly and smoothly as possible through the inclusion of language courses and cultural training in her/his new environment. We organize the school attendance of the children as well as the right insurance/s up to the resident parking permit. All this ensures that your employee can focus 100% on the job.

Extensions of the work and residence permit / s

We ensure the timely preparation and submission and will assist you until the end of the procedure.


Time to say goodbye! We take care that the journey abroad, be it by ending the assignment here in Germany completely or by taking up a new assignment abroad, is working out smoothly. While the employee spends the last few days in Germany in a relaxed way, we take over the processing of the move in the background. As the central coordinator, we ensure that all contracts are terminated in a timely manner, possible returns are made at the right time, and that the move to the future destination country is on track, punctual and reliable.